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#6 – I think my clear aligners are broken or cracked

Damaged or irritating aligners?

My aligners have sharp spots that are irritating

Occasionally clear aligners will have small rough or sharp spots. The easy fix for this is to take a clean nail file and file the area down slightly and gently.

If this issue has caused a sore inside your mouth, please rinse with some warm salty water to help clean the area.

There’s a crack in my aligners

It’s important to continue to wear these aligners. However, to prevent the crack from worsening, please carefully pull the aligner out from the opposite side to where the crack is located.

If the crack goes all the way through the aligner, it’s important to contact your orthodontist for advice.

In this situation your orthodontist will advise you to use your previous or next aligner. The previous aligner can act as a retainer and the next aligner can continue your treatment.

The decisions depend on what stage you were at with the current aligner.

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