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#7 – Running out of aligners?

It’s important to continue wearing your clear aligners, no matter what happens. Wear them as prescribed by the orthodontist.

Running out of aligners?

If you are running low on aligners and will run out, it’s important to contact your orthodontist to see if you can receive your next sequential aligner trays through the post or can pick them up. If aligners are unable to be received, we recommend you wear your current aligner overnight for 12 hours to hold the position of your smile, until further notice.

It’s important to make sure you look after your aligners in case you are unable to get the new pairs from your orthodontist straight away.

How to clean your clear aligners

It’s important to remove your aligners every time you are going to eat or drink anything other than water.

Once your aligners are removed, both your teeth and aligners should be cleaned before being reinserted.

To clean your aligners, take a soft toothbrush and water and gently scrub your aligners, removing any debris and plaque. You can also use mouthwash to kill bacteria and keep them fresh.

You must never use toothpaste, as this can damage your aligners.

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