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Are orthodontic treatments worth it?

There are a number of benefits for undergoing an orthodontic treatment.

If you are considering an orthodontic treatment, you may be wondering if it’s worth the time and effort. The reality is that there are many benefits — both cosmetic and health-related — to seeking the help of a fully-trained and experienced orthodontist. Orthodontics is not just about straightening teeth; it also improves chewing ability, jaw alignment, breathing, and eating habits. If you’re considering orthodontic care for yourself or a family member of any age, read on to discover some of the benefits in having an oral health professional take care of dental irregularities before they become more severe problems…

What problems can orthodontics resolve?

Orthodontic treatment can help to resolve a range of issues and achieve a healthier, more attractive smile. One of the most common orthodontic problems is crowding, which usually occurs when there is not enough space for all of the teeth in the jaw. Crowding can lead to excessive wear and tear on the teeth, as well as difficulty when it comes to cleaning the teeth thoroughly. This, in turn, can lead to a range of oral health issues over time.

Other common orthodontic issues include unwanted gaps between the teeth; misalignment of the teeth and jaw; bite-related problems like open bite, deep bite and overjet; and impacted teeth.

By resolving these problems, it is often possible to improve oral function, enhance the appearance of one’s smile, and promote overall oral health.

When should you see an orthodontist?  

There ae a few signs that could indicate that you would benefit from an orthodontic treatment. If you experience difficulty with chewing or biting; have crowded or misaligned teeth; have protruding teeth; or have noticed that you have a facial imbalance because of the alignment of your jaw, it is advisable that you see an orthodontist.

Other signs that you could be a suitable candidate for orthodontic treatment include an inability to close your lips comfortably; grinding your teeth; clenching your jaw; being prone to biting the inside of your cheek; and having a jaw that shifts or makes sounds, like popping when it moves.

What are the treatment options?

The good news is that there are many orthodontic options available and most irregularities of the teeth and jaws can be effectively resolved with the right intervention.

One of the most popular treatments is traditional metal braces, which can be used to treat most malocclusions. Lingual braces are also an effective option, while clear aligners are often recommended in the case of mild to moderate misalignments.

In severe cases, surgical intervention may be recommended. Surgery often achieves excellent results for patients who have severe skeletal discrepancies related to the position of the jaw.

When it comes to early intervention, there are a number of benefits to undergoing treatment at a young age. Early diagnosis and treatment can often help with tooth eruption, guide facial growth and prevent more complicated problems from occurring down the line.

How can we help?

At South East Orthodontics, we offer a comprehensive range of orthodontic solutions, including adult orthodontics; early treatment; traditional braces; lingual braces; clear aligners; retainers; and surgical treatments. Our team is dedicated to providing seamless and successful treatments to each of our patients and we work hard to achieve the best possible outcomes in every case.

If you think that you might benefit from an orthodontic treatment but are not sure which solution is right for you, we encourage you to come in and see us. We will take the time to determine your particular needs and get to know your aesthetic goals. We will explain your orthodontic options to you and guide you through your treatment of choice.

If you would like to find out more about the treatments that we offer, please have a look here.

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