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9 Bad Habits that are Destroying your Teeth

9 Things that are damaging your teeth

Are you aware that our habits could be causing damage to our teeth?

Here are a list of 10 habits that people don’t realise are affecting their oral, and overall health care.

1. Aggressive brushing
People often think that the harder they brush the cleaner their teeth will be. This is untrue and vigorous brushing actually does more harm than good in the long run, leading to damaged teeth and gums. The aggressive action strips off your enamel over time, increasing your risk of teeth sensitivity as well as gum recession. You should be using a soft-bristled toothbrush and circling your teeth for about two minutes.

2. Acidic foods
Acidic foods such as lemons or oranges weaken your enamel, therefore, putting you at a higher risk or sensitivity, gum disease and cavities. Often, we can feel this happen with a slight pain when we bite into something too acidic. A good tip is to rinse your mouth with warm tap water after you have eaten or drunk something acidic. Do not brush your teeth immediately after as this makes it easier for the enamel to be stripped off.

3. Nail Biting
Despite knowing that it is very unhygienic and bad for our teeth, some people find it extremely difficult to break the habit. Nail biting can chip your teeth, put pressure on your jaw and could even damage your gums. A good technique to avoid biting your nails to wear a mouth guard.

4. Smoking
Cigarettes contain tobacco which is a common teeth staining element. The bad side is that often, its effects are permanent or expensive to reverse. Aside from staining, cigarettes can increase your risk of gum disease and cancer. A good option is to try E-Cigarettes or chewing gum until you can completely break the habit.

5. Grinding
Many people grind their teeth when they are asleep and sometimes when they are angry or frustrated. This action is commonly subconscious and therefore difficult to address until it is brought to your attention. Too often, this is when your teeth are showing signs of damage. Grinding your teeth can cause chips or cracks as well as pain in your jaw when you are chewing or yawning. If you suffer from this problem, try to use a mouthguard when you sleep or relaxation techniques.

6. Chewing ice cubes
As ice is hard and cold it can sometimes cause teeth sensitivity or chip your tooth while you are chewing.

7. Thumb sucking
Thumb sucking can result in misaligned teeth or an overbite. This is a habit that should be prevented from a young age. Visit our Early Treatment page to find out how South East Orthodontics can help with thumb sucking habits.

8. Constant snacking
Healthy snacks are great but sugary ones can increase your risk of cavities, tooth sensitivity and gum disease. Try to eat healthy, balanced meals instead, while incorporating a lot of water into your diet.

9. Using Your Teeth as a Tool
Your teeth are not made to open bottles, tear packages or hold onto items. These habits can lead to you chipping or breaking your teeth. If you are in the habit of giving into temptation and using your teeth as a tool, a good solution would be for you to carry a knife or scissors that you can use should you need to

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