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Get Lingual Braces at South East Orthodontics

There are many different options available for patients who want straight teeth, but one you may not have thought about is lingual braces.

Lingual braces are placed behind the teeth (the lingual side), rather than on the visible side of the teeth. This makes them a great cosmetic alternative for patients who want to straighten their teeth discreetly. Similar to traditional braces, lingual braces work by applying continuous gentle pressure on the teeth to help them slowly shift into their proper position.

This treatment can take anywhere from 18-36 months, depending on the severity of the patients bite or the overcrowding of their teeth. South East Orthodontics offer Incognito braces, which can be used in combination with Suresmile to reduce the amount of time for your treatment.

Incognito Braces

Incognito braces are most popular for teens and adults who want to achieve beautifully straight teeth without the look of traditional braces. They are suitable for almost any patient and can achieve the same quality results that regular braces achieve, but are technically demanding.

Lingual invisible braces can be used on the upper teeth, lower teeth, both, or even a mix with other appliances like regular braces or removable appliances. This can make it much more cost-effective while maintaining a high standard of treatment and a great outcome.


Suresmile treatment offers traditional style braces that sit on the front of the teeth, combined with lingual braces. It’s a modern orthodontic treatment aided by computer technology and robotics with a treatment plan custom designed to improve the appearance and functionality of your smile.

Having used the Suresmile system since the initial development, South East Orthodontics is highly experienced when it comes to this treatment.

Taking care of your lingual braces

As with any orthodontic appliance, good oral hygiene is essential to ensure there are no problems with tooth decay or disease. Your regular brushing and flossing routine will need to be altered slightly because braces create harder to reach places increasing bacteria and food particle build-up.

Brushing can remain the same and flossing can be done with regular dental floss combined with a wire brush or an inter-dental wire. Always brush and floss after every meal to help keep optimal oral health and hygiene.

Get straight teeth discreetly at South East Orthodontics

Ensuring discretion, accuracy and successful results, lingual braces allow patients to perfect their smile and bite without the inconvenience of their braces being visible.

If you would like to know more about Incognito braces, or to book a consultation, contact South East Orthodontics today.