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Patient question: “How do you accommodate a child with special needs?”

ortho mom and son

Patients with special needs, conditions and disabilities deserve a team of professionals who are experienced and willing to work with them to create a comfortable, relaxing environment. We warmly embrace special needs patients in our office as a result have enjoyed their unique talents and gifts. Some of our most amazing and compliant patients are special needs patients. We are careful with each patient and always make sure that the parents and patient are well-informed on the treatment and progress. If the child is initially skeptical about orthodontics or even just plain scared, Drs. Kip Homewood, Nishan Fernando, and David Mastroianni recommend that the parents bring them in once a month until their child feels comfortable with Drs. Kip Homewood, Nishan Fernando, and David Mastroianni and our staff and environment. By seeing your child monthly we are building a relationship with the child and the parents, so all parties are comfortable. This also helps the patient get familiar with our faces and personalities.

We encourage parents to ask any questions while they are in our Berwick, VIC office. You can also give us a call if you have any questions, or if you would like to schedule a consultation with Drs. Kip Homewood, Nishan Fernando, and David Mastroianni. We look forward to serving your family!