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Protect your orthodontics over Christmas

It may be tempting to indulge over the holiday period, but ask yourself whether it’s worth the set back?

Christmas is coming up and so is the annual binge, which leaves many of us feeling guilty for breaking our fitness goals. But what does this mean for our oral health?

The holiday period for many people involves chocolate, chips, cakes, pudding, custard and unending sweets and sugary foods. We feast like kings and queens!

Unfortunately, our teeth and gums suffer a completely different experience to our taste buds. Your oral health is constantly under attack by the foods and drinks you consume, which is why the holiday period is the worst time of the year for our teeth.

Foods that are high in refined carbohydrates and sugar, such as cakes and donuts are perfect for increasing bacteria and plaque buildup in our mouths. It only takes a few hours for the bacteria to double. These foods have consequences for everyone.

Even worse, how does it affect orthodontic treatments?

Keep your orthodontics safe over Christmas

It may be your first Christmas with braces and you’re wondering what you should be avoiding?

It will be daunting holding back and avoiding all the goodies and mountains of food in front of you.

We suggest speaking to your orthodontist if you haven’t already to get a clear understanding of what you can safely eat and drink.

Foods to avoid with braces:

We recommend staying away from the common following foods and drinks to help protect your braces and teeth.


Lollies that are chewy, hard or contain loads of sugar should be avoided.

            Soft drinks:

We encourage you to steer clear of soft drinks completely, as the high sugar level causes decay and staining of the teeth.

Hard foods:

Foods that are hard, especially ice should be avoided as biting down can break the braces and can cause harm to your teeth.

Chewy foods:

These foods that require excessive chewing can cause damage to the braces, so it is recommended to avoid things such as tough meats.

Crunchy and foods with bits:

Foods such popcorn that leave excessive small bits inside your mouth for hours should be avoided. These small bits can get stuck between your teeth and braces causing discomfort.

Certain vegetables:

We recommend taking care when it comes to vegetables, especially greens. Be sure to stay away from low cooked and crunchy vegetables as they may get lodged between your braces and do damage while causing pain and discomfort.

Hard or seedy fruit:

Hard fruits such as apples alongside fruits containing lots of seeds such as strawberries and watermelon should be avoided. Safe fruits to eat include bananas, oranges, blueberries and other softer, low seed level fruits.


Nuts are deadly for braces as they easily dislodge brackets and break the wires. However ground and flaked nuts are fine.

Teeth saving tips for the Christmas period:

  • Do not graze on snacks
  • Do not sip sugary drinks
  • Avoid binge eating
  • Don’t savour the sweet aftertastes
  • Brush and floss your teeth
  • Make healthier food choices

It may seem like most foods are off limits, but that’s not right. There are many delicious foods you can binge on over the holidays!

And remember, moderation is KEY!

We hope you take care of your teeth and gums over holiday periods, especially if you are receiving orthodontic treatment. We hope you safe during the holiday period!

Our professional team at South East Orthodontics are here to help you and answer any of your concerns. For more information about orthodontic treatments, or to book an appointment, please click here.